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Here’s what you will take away from this book:* How to create a mindset for online dating that drives great results* How to choose the right online dating site for you* How to set up your profile so that you attract the right people* How to initiate contact with the right people* How to respond to contact from others so that you don’t waste time with the wrong people* How to create the right boundaries so that your experiences dating online are positive and motivating* How to manage online dating from your intention to find a soul mate relationship* How to manage online dating - unique advice for women* How to manage online dating - unique advice for men* How to handle the transition from online to real-world dating* How to set the stage for a rewarding relationship Nina Atwood, M.

Ed., LPC, is a licensed therapist and life coach who has been teaching singles how to create rewarding relationships for over 25 years.

Learn to count by 5s in the Busy Beavers book in this adorable series that counts the critters. An eye-opening, tell-all book written from a single woman's perspective reveals the secrets of what you, as a shy guy, are thinking.

It candidly addresses the issues of your dating troubles and targets the steps to overcome them.

In this program you will learn everything you need to know to become highly successful at online dating.

We will cover everything from how to write an effective profile, ideal first messages, compelling conversation blueprints, optimal picture strategy, how to setup and land the first date, and much more.

From Internet-dating profiles to Native American folktales to the photo trickery of Hollywood gossip magazines, this volume explores deception and offers insights from leading figures in disparate fields, drawing out surprising commonalities.

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The book’s tips on everything from jazzing up your profile to polishing your first-date etiquette are so sharp that this is a must read for any online dater…Even if you don’t agree with everything he says, his funny, upbeat tone will make you want to log on to a dating site right away and start searching for your Valentine.” – Time Magazine“Katz entertainingly reviews how to present one’s self on the Web and prepare for every eventuality – from deciding how long to wait before meeting in person to who should pick up the check.

Forget what girls say they want in men; this book is going to reveal the truth. I am going to show you how to approach, seduce, and attract more hot women than you know what to do with.

I will show you seven killer approaches that will get her number every time, and, even more importantly than that, I will reveal the five biggest reasons girls reject guys (even if they actually like them).

No pathetic scammy techniques here to cheat women, just proper practical advice garnered from actual research.

In this book, Craig Beck leads you minute by minute through the first date and reveals how you can take total control and, most importantly, have fun!

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