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"I thought that a legal drama shedding light on the ordinary people inside the legal circle, rather than lawyers, would be different and new," said Kwon.

"I wanted to show that those unlicensed professionals can do better than those licensed lawyers and I also wanted to raise the question of whether those license–holders are doing their duty correctly." Choi's love interest will be played by Joo Jin-mo, who takes on the role of paparazzi news agency K-fact's chief Ham Bok-geo.

"As an outsider, my role is to reflect the voices of the viewers each episode I appear in and to deliver punch lines."Asked about the difference from the recently ended tv N's legal drama "The Good Wife," a Korean adaptation of the popular CBS series with the same name that starred Cannes-winning actress Jeon Do-yeon and was directed by Kang Dae-sun, Kwon said that apart from the courtroom set, the new drama shares almost nothing."Our main sets are the public seating area in the courtroom and outside the court, since the protagonist runs to investigate outside.

In terms of mood, if The Good Wife has been painted in a calm manner, ours will be more light and cheerful," she said.

After dropping out of his Environmental Engineering course at Cheongju University to pursue acting, Lee made his debut in 2003 as a print model for Panasonic.Choi recollected, “At the moment when my friend said ‘Doesn’t Bae Yong Jun usually come to this kind of place?’ somebody was passing in front of us, and that was Bae Yong Jun.” The reason that the episode attracted attention is the two were tied up in dating rumors in the past.Ko Hong Ju Choi Ji Woo opened up on an accidental encounter with Bae Yong Jun on the December 26 broadcast of SBS’ Healing Camp.When asked what she does when she has free time, she said without hesitation, “I go to a nice café (where hot guys hang out) with friends.” It was a café where she saw Bae Yong Jun by chance.

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