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Carry on baggage was limited, because the airline charges for it. The back two rows have no windows and are right next to bathroom. Flight was 2 1/2 hours late, expensive ‘food’, expensive drink, (water), the tray was way too small, nothing but a menu and evac instruction card for ‘entertainment’.

The plane was relatively new, and the seats did not recline which saved the hassle of repeated requests for bringing them into upright position. If their computer crashes and you cannot check-in on line from home, you pay extra. The bathroom obviously smelled disgusting and I had to fly the entire flight with my short over my face. Fares look low, but end up more expensive in the long run. I was able to do everything with the APP, from buuing my ticket thru Boarding, which was great since they gave priority boarding to digital pass, like mine and overall easy and fast.

The food was decent for airplane food When I booked my ticket, I booked a window seat in the exit row.

When I got on the plane, my seat number was a middle seat not in the exit row.

Flight attebdants did not bother to say thank you or one smile but talk to others of their own i find it rude!!!! They checked us in, at the am boarding time they told us there was something wrong with the plane and they had fix it. The plane itself was clearly an older model, lacking many amenities I’ve come to expect flying coach.

I asked fkr water, brought to me 10 min late and was not cold or fresh in a plastic cup??? Flight was changed to 3 days later than we were supposed to leave. Kiosks in Mexico City have no idea what is happening, I had to raise my voice for someone flying to help translate. The overhead compartments were too small for larger carryon luggage, and no one on the crew alerted passengers to this.

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American Airlines should be ashamed of the conditions they put their passengers in and they have lost two customers for good. Except, if there’s any way that I can extend a complaint about the Cozumel airport... What’re you gonna do Trump, build a wall around the United State’s overpriced internet service?!? So because I forgot to check in, the flight was closed, abd they couldn’t place us in another flight, so we ended up spending double the amount and going late in the day Absolutely zero Me and my girlfriend brought round trip tickets to NJ, abd left Palm Beach to drive to the airport in Lauderdale.I asked him if he could ask the lady to move her bags so I could sit there, or if there were any other window seats available. The overhead compartments were too small for larger carryon luggage, and no one on the crew alerted passengers to this.He said no, that if I wanted I could ask the lady myself. Of course she has no I treat in giving up this free extra space she has to me, and I’m sure she would have been happy to if a crew member had asked/explained the situation to her. delay, then they had to drive the part from Orlando, now 4hr delay, then the part was delayed so they had to wait for the next flight to arrive, and a new flight crew 6hr. They gave us a .00 food voucher and the children a balloon. Thus, many passengers had to go against the traffic of those still boarding to find space for luggage.Thankfully I’ve never had any bad issues with Volaris even thou it’s a low budget carrier, their service has always been really great for me and expect to pay for everything, but that’s how things are with these kind of airlines, but they’ll let you bring whatever you want on board, wheter you previously brought in your luggage or bought at any restaurant/shop at the airport.To be fair, Food or Entertainment wasn’t available due to been a very short flight, which is understandable, so there wasn’t any negative issues.

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