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The interception behaviors are added to a pipeline and are called for each invocation of that pipeline, as shown below. NET v.2.0 (Beta3 at the time of writing) and I’m appreciating how fluently you can configure any Ext. Nowadays there isn’t a good documentation about these new features (on Ext. The output should be something like this: OK, now through the Html.

Here an example of interception behavior which intercepts a call to a method and logs some useful info if the call throws an exception internally: Exception occurred in My Namespace. NET official site you can read “”) so if you want more info about Razor support please have a look at the Ext. NET Examples Explorer you can try to get the necessary knowledge for translating Web Forms code examples into Razor views. As requisite for getting started, you can call the Html. X() helper you can start configuring the Grid Panel.

The most important thing to be considered here is that at some point of the server-side command execution, the code retrieves the Signal R hub, selects which clients will receive the RPC (for simplicity, in this example a message is sent to all connected clients) and finally pushes a message containing the data the client needs for updating UI. It was designed to simplify interop between statically typed C# and dynamically typed languages or COM components by deferring method resolution at runtime, dynamically applying the same overload selection logic that the C# compiler would normally use at compile time. A common usage of this technique can be found in many implementations of the visitor pattern.

Maybe you have already read something like this: This code works great when you don’t know the exact type beforehand and you don’t want to use a big switch statement.

Everything started a few time ago when I was searching for a smart way to design a client-server infrastructure which was focused on messages and not on operations.

This layer would be not only a classic WCF-based service, but also a some kind of in-process facade to my business layer where I could centralize any cross cutting concern.

Before Web Sockets, the classic implementations of this kind of real-time features were not so easy and they used to adopt strategies like forever frame (see “Comet“) or periodic/long polling.Instead, in WPF it’s quite simple, at least if you’re familiar with the Render Target Bitmap class, and the range of Bitmap Encoders.In order to convert a visual to a bitmap, I like to see something like this: uses automatic codec discovery, based on the installed codecs on the user’s system).The integration between the client-side Signal R hub proxy and the Ext.NET components Message Bus is done through the load Hub javascript function: it wraps the Signal R hub named “application Hub” so that all the received messages are redirected to the Ext. The user add cells and can add format characteristics like predefined/custom table styles, text alignment, abbreviation, column width, border types, colspan, etc.

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