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You can keep all your research, timelines and character sketches together, and switch effortlessly between scenes and chapters, so what is there not to like about that?

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“One of the key principles of Mustachianism,” begins a lofty 2013 post, “is that any and all lineups, queues, and other sardine-like collections of humans must be viewed with the squinty eyes of skepticism.” His blog explains that everything you have been taught about money and time is wrong. Money Mustache, once the subject of a profile, worked as a software engineer and saved half of his salary from the age of 20, and his vision of time is that of an engineer: time becomes a machine that can be tinkered with, hours and minutes rewired to achieve a more elegant purpose.Off-peaking is the closest thing to a Platonic form of subculture: its entire content is its opposition to the mainstream.As an economic approach, the solution off-peaking proposes can seem unkind — it’s a microcosm of the larger capitalist idea that it is right to profit from the captivity of others.The disruptions of the tech sector have contributed to the rise of a gig economy and decline of standard employment, along with the standard workday; paradoxically, as more and more of us are unintentionally turning into off-peak people, off-peaking is in danger of becoming an antiquated technology.As time breaks with its 20th-century patterns, what happens to the value of the off-kilter life?

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