Dating a que dog

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The members of the fraternity informally refer to themselves as "Que's" (pronounced like the letter "Q") and also as "Dogs." This is reflected by the guttural barking that comprises their most basic chant.In fact, in recent years the popular song has become associated with the fraternity, and popular movies such as "Stomp the Yard" dramatize the rivalry between fraternities on the campuses of historically Black colleges and universities.If you find you really want to be a member of Zeta Phi Beta, and they despise the Sigma Sweethearts, then maybe it's not a good idea to join the sweetheart organization.Petty I know, but remember we ARE women and women CAN BE petty!I have seen it where the Sigma Doves and the Zetas HATED each other.When the Sigma Carnations (sweethearts) crossed over, the Sigma gave them jackets, with line names, numbers and they hung out with the Sigmas all the time.

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" of the "Q-dogs", these chants hold a beloved place in the history of collegiate Greek organizations.Even at Greek parties the Sigma sweethearts would stroll with the Sigmas.This would cause so much confusion because people would sometimes confuse the sweethearts for Zetas.I am also an Alpha Sweetheart, and I am married to a life member of Alpha Phi Alpha.All of the opinions on this blog are that of the author.

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