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I know some of this seems a little over the top but I’d bet my bottom dollar that, although most people using the sites are “normal” people just like you or I, a small percentage are proper dodgy, quite seriously odd individuals.

The vast majority of messages I ever received were mostly harmless.

Say you have children and leave it at that as far as I’m concerned. And I would never use my actual name as my screen name or profile name either.

If you use Facebook, remember that as soon as you tell someone your name, they can attempt to find your Facebook profile so check the privacy settings on your account.When I’m asked about my experiences of online dating, one thing people seem to focus on is the whole safety aspect.I have to say that other than the first date I ever went on that came about through internet dating, I’ve honestly never worried about it. We all have one, but some of us are more tuned into it than others.My account is set so that only friends can see my profile information, my photo albums have various settings dependant upon content and my mobile number and other contact details are custom set for family and close friends.I always ignore friend requests unless I know who the person is and have ignored requests from people on dating sites as a matter of course until I felt it was appropriate, if at all, to communicate on Facebook to find out a bit more about eachother.

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