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“If you have good impulse control, you may be more likely to meet your spouse [deliberately] online rather than impulsively at a bar,” he says.Of dating sites, e Harmony fared particularly well — a finding that may raise suspicion because of the funding source.Studies show spouses are happiest when they idealize each other, meaning they look primarily at each other's good qualities, rather than spend time or energy holding each other up to unrealistic standards.If you do happen to meet someone online, figure out why that person chose that site as a dating platform instead of choosing more organic social networks.

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So things aren't really looking great for the world of online dating.Is he a perpetual commitment-avoider, or just new to the city or too busy with his job to meet many people?This may help you separate the online dating wheat from the indecisive, overly picky chaff.“In chat rooms and off-line, you meet only the people who are around and not large numbers of people,” Cacioppo says as a possible explanation for this finding.“If you do online dating, all of sudden, there’s a world of possibilities.” Another potential explanation for differences between online and off-line marital success has to do with personality.

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