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But if you want to have the best chance at a happy and healthy home life – for you and your kids – you’re wise to make sure that you and your spouse make the other a priority. Instead of worrying about what you’re going to get, spend your time actively loving your spouse and children – and give everything you’ve got! My husband is allowing his children's feelings and manipulations to come before my feelings and our marriage bond.

don't give me any credit its all God fault, how can anyone be around Him and not be differant so if I'm strange its not my fault.Only childless marriages can truly end in the secular world (as we know they never truly end spiritually).If something doesn't end (until eternal life kicks in that is), then why should not an extraordinary effort support it while there is ANY opportunity.Critics on the other side of this issue say couples should make the children the center of the home – after all a marriage may not last, they say, but you’re a parent forever." what a lazy, ignorant attitude, that borders on illogical as well.If you are a parent forever, then YOU ARE A SPOUSE forever, just not specifically living together or interacting daily.

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