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Not much between those two but I marginally prefer Norman....to answer your question, Luca Ashby-Hammond in a few years is the best prospect at this time IMO.(NT) -- Spigs, Sunday, February 25, pm (b0f9d1d7sky.com/ Have to echo all of this, finally a team, manager, club to be proud of.The sight of Ryan Fredericks determination in sprinting back to make an important tackle 30 yards out at 2-0 up after about 87 minutes amply demonstrated that team attitude, desire and belief.Tomas Kalas is getting back to his best and was superb last night having totally negated the threat of John Terry against Villa last time.Wolves stated the first 15 to 20 minutes of the second half in great counter attacking mode; just after half time is a time when we have looked fragile earlier this season, but the defence organized by Kevin gave their best collective display this season.You can see the togetherness and fight for each other getting stronger each week, which compliments our quality style of football which is consistently good.As it is, we are sinking back into the usual stuff.Anyway on this day in 2010 a backs against the wall performance at shatkhar Donetsk.

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(NT) -- My Left Foot, Sunday, February 25, pm (genkt-057-101.uk/149.2) Re: Immensely proud of the team (NT) -- Changing the subject spigs who out of the young keepers at the club which one do you see has a future No 1, Sunday, February 25, pm (host-92-2-136-191.as43234.net/ Future no. Taye Ashby-Hammond has been injured for a while but is a decent keeper.

Playoffs with Bristol, Cardiff and Derby I see no reason we shouldn't win. (NT) -- ., Sunday, February 25, pm (No Host/ Immensely proud of the team -- Spigs, Sunday, February 25, pm (b0f9d1d7sky.com/ Slavisa and all his coaching team for that performance and result.

Tim Ream gave another outstanding performance with defensive panic free coolness, positional awareness and excellent distribution from tight positions rarely wastinf possession.

Slavs just focus on the next game the absolutely correct approach.

We can but dream but it's gonna take a real break down from them to catch em!

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