Intimidating german phrases

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Protestants, including some Presbyterians, who in some parts of the province had come to identify with the Roman Catholic community, used violence to intimidate Roman Catholics who tried to enter the linen trade.

The government uses press laws governing libel to intimidate journalists who are critical of its policies.But let’s not judge my mother, because she really did her best, and (despite being totally desensitized to violence and suffering a crippling fear of most national parks) I turned out okay.Please consider this the next time you can’t find a babysitter and really want to see a low-budget action flick. He or she may even grow up to be an unemployed travel blogger!Learn new languages while playing games Phrases | Numbers | Numerals | Colours | Telling the time | Weather words | Family words | Terms of endearment | Language names | Country names | Idioms | Proverbs | Tongue twisters | Signs | UDHR | Tower of Babel | Songs | Omniglot | Seven dwarfs | Zodiac signs | Computer parts If there is anything on this page that can be improved or corrected, please contact me.If you are playing along at home, I’ve just given you at least four reasons why you should not let a child see this movie.

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