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The dogs are generally out for 2 -3 hours daily unless weather or health issues arise based on Zen-K9’s determination.Each day the route is different, from the city streets to beautiful Central Park.What sets this program apart from other blocking utilities is that it can thoroughly analyze web traffic for a large group of users.The program's administrator can configure the program to block a set of websites for all computers or for specific users, and the block can be permanent or for a specific time period.The dogs draw balanced energy from the pack association.The Zen-K9 staff will exercise your dog both mentally and physically with behavior corrections.After installing and configuring the program, parents can also view their children's Internet activity remotely by accessing a special online portal.

Useful for Windows users who want to restrict their children's Internet access, Pure Sight is a web monitoring program that features preconfigured categories that allow users to block all common social networks quickly and easily.Whether it is to improve your safety, save time, or avoid computer malware, home users and organizations can block social networking websites on both computers and mobile devices.Various programs are available that allow users to either block the websites or limit their usage.Users can view all visited websites and adjust the content filtering levels as necessary.If there's a website that need to be blocked but is not in K9's default block list, users can make the program always block individual URLs.

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