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A week later, her boxes still packed, Jessica was shot in the head and killed. He was also a convicted felon, a known domestic abuser, and a former member of WTVM's Most Wanted segment when, in 2012, it was revealed that he had 16 warrants for various different crimes.

For me, Jessica story strikes a distinctly personal chord.

When someone is being abused or harassed, he or she needs to decide on the best way to get legal protection from the abuse or harassment.

To do that, several things need to be looked at, like: what type of relationship there is between the person being abused or harassed and the person doing the abuse/harassment; the age of the person being abused or harassed; and the type of abuse or harassment.

So, for example, if the abuse is from an uncle or aunt, a niece or nephew, or a cousin, it is considered civil harassment and NOT domestic violence.

The civil harassment laws say “harassment” is: “Credible threat of violence” means intentionally saying something or acting in a way that would make a reasonable person afraid for his or her safety or the safety of his or her family.

And, although a study of 10 major cities found that 85% of attempted murders of women by an intimate partner involved one or more stalking incidents in the prior year, men convicted of stalking misdemeanors share this unchecked freedom to buy and use guns.

In 2009, I came home at night to find my estranged and abusive husband lying in wait with a shotgun in his hands.

He fired at me as I ran out the door, but I was fortunate enough to escape to our neighbors' house unharmed.

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Welcome to our reviews of the Federal Laws Protecting Personal Information (also known as thailand dating service).

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