Love dating sim for girls 2 walkthrough

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As a child, the young Keitaro made a promise with a girl, based on a story the children overheard that two people who love each other will live "happily ever after" if they enter 'Todai'.

Keitaro is set on gaining entrance to Todai to fulfill the promise he made to his childhood friend, even though he cannot properly remember either her name or her face.

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Overall, the game is pretty rad and the graphics are lovely.

Later, in volume 13, it is revealed that Todai may not even refer to Tokyo University after all.

After failing to pass the entrance exams on his second attempt Keitaro's parents seem either unwilling, or unable, to let him continue living at home while he studies. As a result, he travels to "Hinata Inn", a hotel owned by his grandmother to find a place to stay and study.

Note Where ages are quoted these are the ages at the time the character appears in the story – the story moves through a year fairly quickly so ages change quickly.

is a 19/20-year-old second-year ronin studying to enter Tokyo University (sometimes known as "Todai").

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