Parental tough love on dating teens

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Tired of disrespectful eye-rolls and snide comments from your socially aware adolescent who critiques your clothes, hair, and everything else? Just head to the craft store and buy a plain T-shirt, fabric markers, sequins and any other obnoxious adornment, and write in large letters “[kid’s name] Mom (or Dad)!

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These might not be appropriate disciplines to use with teenagers who are dealing with significant issues such as being bullied, mental/emotional health issues, drug addiction, self injury or anything else where these strategies might trigger something worse.

Because I've confiscated my teenagers' cell phones, i Pads, car keys and video games more times than I can count.

And of course I've grounded them—limiting all social contact whatsoever and forcing my sulking offspring to play board games with their parents on many Saturday nights.

They’ll know you’re not joking and you will dance boldly.

And they'll listen when you explain that making you wait is NOT a good idea, EVER, for everyone’s sanity, because carpools suck and are torturous enough.

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