Parinod dating a new guy

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Since he believes I've cheated, he have actually gone out and cheated (what he says was twice).

So, I have to deal with the false accusations, while he's actually going out and cheating, yet, I have to be strong for the both of us.

I feel by agreeing to go to counceling, will not make a difference in the end. He believes the things floating around in his head so much so, that, at times, I'm literally afraid to go to sleep around him.

I wished there was something I could do for him because I can see the pain in his eyes and can hear it in his voice, but, I, too have pain over this and I'm tired of trying to tip toe around by walking on egg shells to accomodate him, while I'm taking verbal beatings.

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He acknowledges his family members have the listed disorders, but, can not believe, even for one second, that he too is suffering with a disorder. He can be very loving, financially supportive and a hard worker.I'm so pleased to find a forum to exchange my experience as it's become extremely difficult, trying, depressing and hopeless.I love my husband with all my heart, but, it has now come to a point where I must decide whether to stay or divorce.I've tried to defuse his mistrust by agreeing to take a lie detector test and have done so twice.Since I hadn't failed, he discounted the first examiner as a con and the second examiner he accused me of providing sexual favors in exchange for passing, which, of course, I had not done.

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