Senior camtocam sedating your baby for flight

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BY NORMAN BORDEN | Talk about having a point of view.

Jeffrey Milstein has taken aerial photography to a new level in “Leaning Out,” and the results are stunning, fascinating, and mesmerizing.

Despite flying with his plane’s window open or the helicopter door off, Milstein says “I’m not a daredevil.

I love flying, I love being up in the helicopter at night with the door off.

“I have a small gyroscope attached to a high resolution digital camera so I can shoot without it shaking too much.” He characterized it as a “big heavy camera that costs as much as an SUV,” but that’s what he needs to make large gallery prints.

In fact, six images in the show are 52 1/2 x 70 inches and have an amazing amount of detail.

The other way to enjoy this photograph — and to better appreciate what the artist saw from the air — is to step back and view it from about six feet away.He explained, “The train parts are lying on the ground with weeds growing in them and train cars are filled with garbage bags.Everyone has a closet or garage like that, with stuff we no longer use but don’t get rid of.” With airplanes and airports being Milstein’s life-long passion, it’s no surprise that his two favorite images in “Leaning Out” are “Gatwick 2 Planes” and “Newark #8, Terminal B.” What’s interesting is how different these two airport photographs are from each other — to me, the beauty of the Gatwick picture is its utter simplicity; the two almost toy-like jet planes are perfectly positioned, complementing the geometry of the mosaic runway and surrounding grass.and they eventually end up as wrecks, some of them to be ground up and crushed or shipped back overseas to be reincarnated.It’s the cycle of life and death and I find a strange beauty in the decay state — nature always has its way.” As another example, the artist mentioned “NYC Coney Island Subway Yard,” a tableau that includes some rusting subway cars parked literally at the end of the line.

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