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“She knew I was completely sober, so she trusted me.” renching stories of sexual assault have rocked many campuses in the past couple of years, sparking protests and scrutiny.Many alleged victims have filed federal complaints about the way their colleges handled their reports.t was a typical Saturday night at the house on Park Street where the Union College men’s hockey team goes after games to unwind and party. “She was a freshman, and this was a guy from outside the team who had the reputation of trying to get girls when they were drunk,” he says.Sébastien Gingras, a 6-foot-1 defenseman, noticed a classmate hovering around a young woman who looked unsteady. After a while, “the guy was sitting next to her on a couch, trying to get her to leave.” So Mr.“I am the mom of my group,” explains Brianna, a sophomore here who asked that her last name not be used.“Last year I literally pulled my friend away from a guy because they were both too intoxicated.” Her friend appreciated her judgment, Brianna says.That’s precisely what President Obama’s new campaign, “It’s On Us,” is asking them to do: “to intervene if we see someone in a risky situation.” Union College, with 2,250 undergraduates, enlisted its popular hockey team, which won last year’s Division I national championship, to sign the campaign’s pledge and encourage others to take seriously the goal of protecting students. “We’re hearing from more students concerned about what they are seeing or hearing,” says Amanda E.Tommell-Sandy, assistant director of the counseling center.

They’re paying more attention, and they’re looking out for one another.

Plenty of those cases hinge on whether a woman was drunk or incapacitated, and therefore unable to give consent.

Messages about preventing sexual assault now come at students from many directions: campus and federal officials, the news media, their peers.

Vous pouvez le consulter à l’adresse : https://gov/pmc/articles/PMC4375068/ Tous les manuscrits ainsi que tout le contenu demeurent accessibles sur Pub Med Central (É.-U.) et Europe Pub Med Central.

Environ 3000 manuscrits des chercheurs financés par les Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada (IRSC) seront transférés sous peu au dépôt numérique du Conseil national de recherches du Canada (CNRC) et formeront la Collection des IRSC.

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