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He described himself as a "bit of a big kid", who loved comics and video games.

He was a criminology student at York University and worked at a chocolate factory.

If your success rate is 20%, statistically, you only need to attempt at most, 5 times before you will ultimately succeed. This isn’t an intellectual tug of war, it is about getting her home and in your bed.

Make it light, not a caress, just a touch as you are talking. Whether you are cold, or smoking hot, you will find out soon with this one. You do this all the time, there is nothing special, or different, about you sitting at the bar next to a hot woman who is about to go home with you. Talk to her at the bar ask her what she is drinking, buy her a drink. Just about every single time I have used it the woman says I can sleep on her couch. In this case, it's perfectly fine to go to a bar alone.Additionally, if you befriend the bartender, you immediately become "not-alone" at the bar.Don’t give up, and don’t waste time with a woman that isn’t giving you positive signals. If she likes to read a lot, tell her how you just read a great book last week.Just keep doing what you do, have some drinks, have a good time, and don’t lose track of your goals. If she doesn’t like guys that are obsessed with football, you barely watch it.

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