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Teen dating violence, which advocates define as a pattern of destructive behaviors used to exert power and control over a dating partner, is increasingly recognized as a widespread problem.

Advocates say that the newly introduced bill will not only improve the health and safety of Wisconsin teens by breaking cycles of dangerous behavior that contribute to increased risk of drug abuse, truancy and suicide for current youth victims, but will also help to lower the risk of abuse occurring in future generations.Worse, it can be hard for LGBTQ to find competent care, as many shelters are gendered, making it difficult for same-sex or transgender victims and abusers to access resources.If you are an LGBTQ young person in crisis, immediate help is available through The Trevor Project’s lifeline. Reach out to Break the Cycle, an organization that helps young people ages 12 to 24, and check out their actionable steps that you can take to end dating abuse right now.If you’re unsure whether or not you’re experiencing dating violence, you can use Love Is Respect’s Power and Control Wheel, a tool that helps explain the different ways an abusive partner can use power and control to manipulate a relationship.If you need support, you can use this Interactive Guide to Safety Planning to help lower your risk of being hurt by your partner or reach out to chat with a counselor directly.

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