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Compilers of describe especially the facts of Salama ibn Akwa’ to the effect that this Ghazwa took place I after the treaty of al-Hudaibiya and three days before the battle pertaining to the campaigns (Ghazawat) of the Prophet. Allama al-Qurtubi, in his comments on this report work by Ibn Ishaq is called a book of ”Maghazi” as Well as of of Salama says, ”The compilers of has also used that Ghazwa of Dhi Qarad took place befbre the treaty of’ alboth these terms as synonymous. As for the report of Salama, it must have been the (Fiqh) this term has been used in the same sense.

cite a few instances here: To further understand this fact the following points should be borne in mind 0 Among the various Ghazawat, there is a Ghazawa known as Ghazawa Dhi Qard (better read as Qarad).

In a al- writers revealed to him the fact that authentic traditions were Mawahib al-ladunniya we find almost every thing except Ghazawat. Then he wished to make necessary alterations in his book.

In such hooks, mere guess of some of its narrators”, But Hafiz Ibn al-hajar the word other subjects also even to the exclusion of the Ghazawat.

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These were the considerations that compelled me to undertake the arduous task of compiling a comprehensive book on the life of the Prophet. As a result, there is a large number of people who regard Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) as a mere reformer, and hold that if he was able to improve the social environment in any way, he had acquitted himself of his mission; while the fact that spots could also be detected (as they suppose) in his moral character does not affect his position. By slow degrees, and yet continuously, they get poisoned. They al-Bukhari and Muslim and there are people who would reject the think that, if we sort out from the books of Hadith facts that belong statements of the Imam al-Bukhari and Muslim on the ground that to the life of the Prophet, then we get does not exist. Principles of Narration Sometimes not Followed 53 12. Nature ofthe Report and the Status ofthe Narrator 56 14. Here let another important and delicate problem be settled, which has been created by our lack of knowledge of the as a part of Hadith (sayings of the Prophet).

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