Who is dating eminem

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It was only when her parents’ turbulent relationship made headlines that she was in the public eye.

Mathers, on his part, tried not to talk much about his daughter in interviews.

She debuted on Instagram around six months ago, and when word got out a few days ago, she earned 200k followers!

At the time of writing, her follower count shot up to 400k!

That’s way too fast, for someone who only has 22 posts!

She’s definitely on her way to becoming a social media phenomenon.

He was once asked about his daughter’s dating life in a radio interview, and it was a question he dreaded to answer.

In his defense, Hailie was only a 14-year-old girl back then.

The farcical piece painted a hilarious picture of Eminem questioning what kind of parents would let their boy listen to his music.He is a father to three beautiful girls —Alaina (23), Hailie (21), Whitney (14).The world knew about Hailie as Eminem’s muse and she was featured in some of his songs, but she led a relatively private life.Her father isn’t yet featured on her Instagram, but she has posted her adorable puppy and a handful of inspirational quotes. could be following in Sofia Richie and Hailey Baldwin’s footsteps and getting a modeling contract soon!A couple of posts feature her arm-in-arm with a handsome man —one on her 21st birthday and another on St. As Eminem feared, his daughter got herself a boyfriend in college, but he looks to be a fine, young man who makes her happy.

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