Women dating men in prison

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Eventually Lotter and Nissen would go on to shoot Brandon and two others who were hiding her.Lotter was sentenced to death and Nissen to life imprisonment.Teena Brandon was born in 1972 in Lincoln, Nebraska.As a child she was regarded as a tomboy and everyone called her Brandon.She was awarded a medal of bravery and given a military funeral.Albert Cashier was born Jennie Irene Hodgers in 1843. Cashier managed to remain undetected as the other soldiers thought she was just small and preferred to be alone.According to Lana she stopped “dating” Brandon at this time.

Some had successful lives, while others suffered as a consequence.

After the war, Cashier continued to live as a male, convincing everyone around her. Inf.” – when she was finally traced back to Jennie Hodgers, a second tombstone was erected with both names on it. Her father wanted to join a monastery (Monastery of Qannoubine, in the Holy Valley, Lebanon) so he took his daughter – disguised as a boy – with him. After living in the monastery for a number of years, it became necessary for both father and daughter to travel.

For forty years Cashier worked as a church janitor, cemetery worker and street lamplighter, she voted as a man, and claimed a veterans pension. A doctor discovered her secret but agreed to keep quiet. Whilst staying at an inn, the innkeeper’s wayward daughter was attracted to Brother Marinus and tried to seduce her.

It is not known how she concealed her sex when her groin wound was treated.

In 1750 her unit returned to England and she revealed her true sex to her shipmates.

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